Crisis at the Ecuador- Colombia border

The efforts of both governments to eradicate conflict are not enough. Ecuador's Minister for Internal and External Security, Fernando Bustamante, has asked Colombia and the international community for help, since his country is starting to be unable to attend so many refugees. The Jesuit Refugee and Migrant Service in Ecuador are aware of this alarming situation and report the following:

"The population of the Llorente area have been suffering the past months the military policy of the Uribe government on the forced plan of eradication of crops for illegal use. As a consequence, thousands of the region's inhabitants have decided to raise their voice - therefore suffering persecutions and intimidations- in order to let the country and the world see what is going on in a forgotten region struck by violent displacement processes, motivated by military and paramilitary forces with the complicity of the Colombian State.

Since the operations begun and the military presence increased, with the excuse of guaranteeing the plan for eradication of crops for illegal use in a geographical area, before forgotten by the State, the population of Llorente are suffering a war declared against them.

The intimidations, disappearances and selective assassinations of the region's population, added to the violent glyph sate aspersions carried out in the area, have provoked massive displacement and a humanitarian crisis of enormous proportions which both the Colombian government and the media have tried to cover up, trying to hide the true interests that lie behind a murderous policy of displacing and exterminating humble peasants, native and afro descendants in a strategic area of our country, so as to own the natural and bio diversity resources in the area of the Pacific biologic corridor.

These repressive actions, that violate human rights, are being carried out by the counter guerrilla battalion nº 113 of the Colombian Army, under Commander Oscar Moreno, in the framework of the established Colombia Plan to eradicate crops for illegal use, without taking into account the grave consequences for whole communities, that have their lands and way of living taken away and are therefore forced into misery and massive displacement since they cannot survive the situation.

Currently, more than 1.000 inhabitants of the region, the majority women and children, have moved towards the border, while thousands of others have remained in the area, resisting the eradications.