Two years after the earthquake, another school has been reconstructed in Ica (Peru)

Chincha was one of the cities of the department of Ica most damaged by the earthquake. After the disaster, Entreculturas reacted immediately so that the children could attend school as soon as possible in order to go back to normal life and assume what had happened. Through Fe y Alegría and the Jesuit Development Office, the main partners of Entreculturas in Peru, provisional straw and wooden classrooms were set up, waiting for the reconstruction of schools.

A year later in 2008, almost 1.200 children of the area of Pueblo Nuevo (Chincha), were able to go back to school. It was the first Fe y Alegría reconstructed school. Now in 2009, school number 21567 "Tupac Amaru" has been inaugurated, also in the province of Chincha, where more than 350 children and youth will have the opportunity to have new and better facilities.

The school was inaugurated by the Consorcio por la Emergencia y la Reconstrucción Educativa de Ica (CEREI), with the presence of María Teresa Nuñez Gascón ( Peru General coordinator for the Spanish Agency for Internacional Cooperation, AECID). Also attending were the mayor of the district of Chincha Baja, Emilio del Solar Salazar; the Regional Director for Education, Baltazar Lantarón; the executive director for CEREI, Carlos Silva; the president of the Human Rights Commission of Ica, Gustavo Echegaray; the director of IPEDEHP, Willy López and the Director of the Jesuit Development Office in Peru, Xavier Uríos.

In addition to these two schools, Fe y Alegría and the CEREI are reconstructing two new education centres both in Chincha and in the provinces of Ica and Pisco.

Reconstruction does not reach 50%

Beyond education concerns, the local press of Peru is pointing out these days, the lack of progress in the reconstruction of the most affected areas of Inca. "Those affected by the earthquake will march tomorrow between the debris that still cover the streets. They will take the streets of Chincha, Pisco and Cañete to demand why after two years, everything is the same", says the newspaper La República, adding "even though President Alan García assures that he has transferred 117 million soles for new constructions to the regional governments of Lima and Ica, the perception of the affected is that advance in the reconstruction has not reached 50%".