Forgotten crises: when the media change their focus

We do not want to forget Haiti, where the dramatic social, economic and institutional crisis, together with a generalized violence, forces the population to abandon their homes. Neither do we want to forget Colombia, a country in which the drug traffic and the fight for natural resources has been the cause of over 40 years of conflict. And how to forget Africa where the greatest number of countries lies immersed in war conflicts and unstable political situations, behind which only lie regional and international interests over the exploitation of raw materials. Congo Democratic Republic lives with the threat of a new armed conflict. Somalia, after 14 years of conflict, does not seem to have any definite peace agreement in sight and the State does not cover the immediate needs of its population who has an almost total lack of food. In Uganda, more than a million and a half people are displaced in extreme poverty living conditions. Ivory Coast is witnessing the fleeing and death of thousands since the outbreak of war five years ago. Zimbabwe will have to face a dramatic hunger draught if immediate action is not taken.

The list is long, but only by reading this article you are already helping not to forget. Let us help other people not to forget by passing on this message.

On June 20, the World Refugee Day, Entreculturas has focused on the bleeding situation of Darfur, where there are continuous massacres against civil population and where the JRS works to bring some hope through education.