Entreculturas and Anaya work together on the syllabus Education for Citizenship

According to the current Spanish Education Law (LOE), during the next school year, 2007-2008, there will be a new subject: Education for Citizenship. As its name indicates, the purpose of this subject is to teach Primary and Secondary students the basic civic values to make them grow as citizens of the world.

The participation of NGOs in the definition of the syllabus is essential since the Third Sector can guide education on this matter taking especially into account the values of justice, respect and equal rights and opportunities in a world increasingly interdependent.

For Entreculturas it is yet another opportunity to make the school aware of the reality of the Southern populations and the efforts we share in the construction of citizenship for global solidarity.

This is why, together with the editorial house Anaya, we have embarked in the design of the materials of Education for Citizenship. This project seeks to be useful, on one hand for the students, connecting their interests and offering a positive image of the youth in the North and in the South and on the other, to be useful for the teachers, offering them a great variety of proposals and resources for different methodologies.

We hope that the result will help the development of a pedagogic process to integrate engaged experience, reflection and action with the students, helping them to look at their personal options as citizens of the world.

In addition to this guide, the teachers can find in the Entreculturas web page www.entreculturas.org, the organization's didactic materials as well as other projects of youth participation, formation and application of the new technologies of educating in values.