Education for Development from childhood. Christmas ideas to enjoy growing up together

Christmas is coming, a very special time in which we look specially at childhood. A Christian feast in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus, that has extended and is shared in different ways by people from different cultures, ideas and beliefs. This is why it allows us to look into something very human: the birth of a child and the education of our sons and daughters.

In fact, childhood- a long period of time in which exploring the world is a constant and intense activity- allows us to develop one of the more human capacities: the possibility of change. What has this got to do with Education for Development?

We are used to listening that the first years of life are crucial for the personality´s development and future learning. Learning is a complex process with the influence of many factors but specially the imagination, an essentially human capacity. Children are constantly imagining: a pack of lions, a pirate ship, a castle and then a far away place with a strange name in which we adults cannot relate to anything we know. 

This capacity to imagine other worlds, to naturally propose that things can be different, is at the bottom of our capacity to change and create. We as adults also do it: there is no project or enterprise that starts from imagining and planning possibilities inexistent at that moment. And we learn to do this in the first years of our lives. Therefore childhood is also a crucial time for Education for Development, since this education tries to educate people to change the world.

Entreculturas offers Miniverse,  for the little ones, a universe full of possible worlds in which a place called City Planet exists, full of fun people who come this Christmas with activities to imagine and wish for a better world.

City Planet is a place where all children participate in common affairs and feel like a big family. They distribute work and goods in a fair way. Its inhabitants take care of and help one another. Children play a very important role since they learn how to travel  to other parts of the Miniverse in order to help solve problems.

Let us take the opportunity that this Christmas offers us to imagine, wish and change and let us keep this purpose throughout the year... until next Christmas.