Dominican citizens demand a fair budget for education

In Dominican Republic, the General Education Law establishes that government should at least allow 4% of the GOP for education. This law has not been met for the past ten years. Government and legislators will not comply with it again this year since they will pass a budget which will reduce it to a little over 2.5%.

The  Coalition for an Education with Dignity , of which our colleagues from the Jesuit Refugee and Migrant Service (JRMS) and the Centre for Social Studies Juan Montalvo, are members,  is fighting with all its capacity to pressure government and demand what is fair for the population of Dominican Republic.

In spite of the lack of support shown by the judicial power up to now, this movement characterized with yellow umbrellas, has not given up. With the celebration of "Yellow Mondays" the population has been called upon to demand their rights. The last one took place in December 20, in front of Congress, hoping that congressmen would refuse the budget for 2011.


Promotional video about "Yellow mondays" (spanish)  


Even so, the House gave green light to the proposal. Local media published declarations of our colleague Mario Serrano SJ, spokesman of the movement. "We shall go to all judicial courts demanding application of 4% and congressmen´s decision is not a failure but a success since the population has come together in this demand". If the executive goes ahead with the law, they are even considering appealing the High Court of Justice of the country.

The Coalition for an Education with Dignity is made up of 203 organizations and movements that demand, with peaceful demonstrations, to comply with the General Law for Education. With yellow umbrellas and parasols that show 4% for education, they started this on October and hundreds of citizens have joined them.

Joining this movement, our partners in Dominican Republic continue to work for our main goal at Entreculturas: to make effective the people´s right to education.