Cuts on Official Aid for Development: Who would you cross out?

From the announcement, last May, of the cuts on 800 million Euros at state level, the autonomic and local administrations have followed the same line of action.

As a consequence, hundreds of Spanish organizations, led by the Spanish DNGO Coordinator , have raised awareness on the consequences of aid cutbacks: to stop helping millions of children, youth and adults who try to survive in impoverished countries in very vulnerable situations.

Thus, with the slogan  “People come first”, the campaign of signature recollection  against AOD cutbacks was launched. In order to support this initiative, Entreculturas suggests  a simple exercise.  The cutbacks approved by the administration amount to 18% less in funds for projects supporting vulnerable people. At first sight, it seems easy to deduct this amount from a budget. But a number, as high as it may seem, means nothing if it is not accompanied by what is behind ...


Things change if we put a face behind each number. If each percentage number is a person who can survive thanks to our aid. Imagining that our total budget would be 100, we choose a man, a woman, an elderly person, the students of a classroom, women in a workshop, teachers... until we reach one hundred.

With these hundred faces before us, the cutbacks force us to cross out 18, stopping the aid to lead a life with dignity. All of them are looking at us. Who do we cross out? We have to choose. Choose between leaving a girl without school, so she will never learn how to write, to leave without legal assistance a refugee forced to flee his country because of war, or leave an elderly person without the aid programme that enables him to survive with dignity, among many  others.

Looking at the faces, looking at what lies behind the numbers, it is impossible to make a decision. So we have to try and solve the problem between all of us, with what each one of us can offer, so that we may not be forced to cross out anyone.

If you are determined not to leave anyone out, help through Entreculturas.
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