Supporting entrepreneur women in Haiti

With micro credit grants for economic activities, the Project aims, in the first place, to increase women's purchasing power and this will reduce dependence on their husbands and secondly to improve the development and socio economic situation of the border zone in general. In addition to gender discrimination, women face militarizing problems, the absence of State, systematic human rights violation, although they do have opportunities such as active trade in the area and the emergent popular organization, especially in the Dominican side of the border.

This project complements the activity that Entreculturas has been carrying out for years in the Northern border of Dominican Republic and Haiti, to support and strengthen civil society. This activity works on gender awareness, environmental protection and encouraging bi national relations between the two countries that make up the Isla Española, overcoming racist prejudices and relations. It aims to contribute to a deep socio cultural change of which the population and women are the main actors.