Students of "Getting close to the South" in Canarias, show red card to the aggressor

Participants of the workshop "Getting close to the South", organized by Entreculturas-Tenerife and the  Universidad de La Laguna, joined last October the campaign of the Health Ministry "Red card for the aggressor" during the course on "Gender and development: participation, citizenship and ways of life".

The fact of showing red card seeks to be a social movement and starts with the idea of generating a refusal mobilization towards gender violence so that anyone may join and say NO to violence and YES to life with equality.  

The workshop "Getting close to the South", organized in several Entreculturas Delegations and also  online, is targeted to all those who are interested in getting close to analyzing the causes of poverty; seek to have a  broader look at the unequal relations between North and South; get to know proposals for change; promote intercultural encounter; acquire a critical view on our social reality and carry out solidarity work.