Sports for Solidarity in Valladolid

The Entreculturas Valladolid Delegation goes hand in hand with local sports in order to raise funds for different projects. This is the case of the amateur runner Raúl Rico, who, in his trip to New York to run the marathon, decided to look for sponsors that paid for every kilometer he ran in order to donate the money.

“The marathon´s organization encourages to run for charity, that is to say in favour of an NGO working for the most deprived. I found this a great idea" said Rico, who, encouraged by his wife who was "very enthusiastic on the education work carried out by Entreculturas" decided to raise funds from friends and relatives.

“What gives me most satisfaction is the generosity of so many people with enthusiasm to be able to help a project of Entreculturas" said Raul before travelling to New York and hoping to be able to run each of the 42 kilometers of the race. His challenge was to cross the finishing line in Central Park, having run with and for education".


"School games = Solidartity games" presentation


Points for African Refugees

Goals and other points will be scored for education by students in Valladolid, 5 cents per point, to raise funds for projects in African Refugee Camps. Organized by the Entreculturas Delegation, the initiative "School Games-Solidarity Games" is supported by the regional government, and the municipality.

All the teams, clubs and schools who wish to do so may participate. In addition to the contribution of participants, institutions, corporations, clubs and friends may also sponsor the points. For those interested, please contact the Valladolid Entreculturas Delegation.