The short film “Aquel no era yo” won the Goya best live action short



The short film 'Aquel no era yo', written and directed by Esteban Crespo, tells the story of Paula y Kaney, two characters -an African child and a Spanish woman- who don´t have anything in common, but who will unite their lives due to a gunshot. Kaney is a child soldier from an African country. Along with many other children, he obeys a man´s order that has become a father, the General of the Rebel Army. Paula (Alejandra Lorente) is a Spanish volunteer worker who goes to Africa with his boyfriend, Juanjo (Gustavo Salmerón) with the goal of helping and rescuing the child soldier who live there. At a border post Paula and Kaney meet for the first time and that is the starting point of this dramatic story, in a fear, violence, terror and redemption scenario.

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'Aquel no era yo' started with the idea of showing how hard child soldiers´ life is and of showing what we rarely see, their consequences. On the other hand it started with the idea of commemorating the altruistic work of the people who risk their lives to improve the lives of others.

The short film was released in February 2012, at Capitol cinema in Madrid, becoming the cardinal feature of an event organized by the Spanish NGO´s, Fundación El Compromiso, Amnesty International, Entreculturas, Save the Children and Alboan, organizations members of The Coalition to stop the Use of Child Soldiers.