School Day for Non Violence and Peace

After fighting apartheid in South Africa for more than 20 years, he went to India to claim independence for his country, which was a colony of Great Britain. 

His death was a severe blow to all the international community and the UN declared days of mourning. However his fighting spirit and sense of justice made Ghandi the universal symbol for peace and non violence. We therefore celebrate every January 10 his memory and message: "Universal love. Non Violence and Peace is better than war." 

On this day, schools support this value through activities that reject violence and discrimination. Education Centres become channels for understanding, tolerance, solidarity and respect for Human Rights.


Entreculturas and Peace Education

In Entreculturas we have tried do provide tools for schools and families to transmit to the younger ones the value of peace and justice. In this sense and in such a special day, we recommend Network Moving Guide for boys and girls 2 with the necessary instructions for a Peace dynamic. "The same story back to front" (pages 8 and 9) is a fun way to think and learn playing.

You can obtain it from here:

Muévete en Red. Niños y Niñas 2 (pages 8 and 9)
Orientaciones didácticas (page 9)