Rio+20: another missed opportunity



In 1992, the States agreed the Agenda21. It is a plan to thing about the economic growth, to advance in an equal society and to guarantee the protection of the environment. Today, 20 years after, the same city has received again the same meeting where these objectives have been checked again in relation with the proposal of poverty reduction in a planet whose population is growing constantly.

This event, known as Rio+20, has met NGOs, persons on behalf of Governments and other social agents to discuss about two main matters: a green economic in order to a sustainable development; the eradication of poverty; and the institutional framework for sustainable development.

José Ignacio García SJ, member of our Consultant Council and worker in the European Social Center of the Society of Jesus in Brussels, was on behalf of Entreculturas.

Moreover, Ignacio Eguizábal, director of ALBOAN -our sister in the NGO-, and Mary Tere Guzmán, coordinator of the Department of Public Action and Net, participated in the alternative summit called Summit of the towns and in the official meeting of Rio+20.

And the big ignatiana family assisted thanks to the Christian Life Community (CLC), the Secretary of Social and Ecology Justice of the Society of Jesus, the social sector of the Conferencia de Provinciales Jesuitas de América Latina (CPAL), the Net Ecojesuit, and the Itinerant Team from Amazon and the Educational Movement of Fe y Alegria.