Raúl Rico runs again for Entreculturas

After last year's incredible experience, Raúl Rico has presented himself again as a runner in the World Marathon Majors. With the city of Chicago as an scenario, this 44 years old Vallisoletano entered the race together with 45.000 more athletes from more than 100 different countries, arriving in 969th position of the general classification. He achieved this privileged placing after completing the race's 42 kilometers in 3 hours, 5 minutes and 33 seconds. And, although his mark does not exceed the one obtained in New York, which was 3 hours and 21 seconds, Raúl did, curiously, arrived in the same position.

Apart from the excellent result, this sportsman's merit lies in the cause for which he runs: Entreculturas. As he did last year, Raúl asked his acquaintances and sponsors to donate any amount of money (from 1 cent upwards) for each kilometer run by him. "I've repeated this experience due to the good reception it had by the people that got involved with it, the thanks I got from Entreculturas and the good use that the funds collected between all (€ 2.075) were put to, and specially as a lot of people, after learning about the initiative, showed their interest in participating it were repeated. For them and for many people collaborating again, I get together this new solidarity race hoping to better, in spite of the times we are living in, last year's support obtained.

Raúl had designed and painted his own T-shirt for the day of the race: "Indeed it had to have Entreculturas name in big letters in the front", he commented...


From Entreculturas we would like to send Raúl our most sincere congratulations for reaching the finish line within the first 1.000 runners and, of course, our enormous gratitude in the face of such a selfless, inspiring and solidary cause, like his.