Myanmar claims for freedom

Entreculturas has been denouncing situation of hundreds of minors under 18 in Myanmar who are recruited for armed conflicts. On October 24, the Committee to prevent child recruitment, established by the Myanmar government, elaborated a plan to release under 18 year olds from the military service and return them to their families and communities. However reports confirm that government troops and other armed groups continue to recruit children for forced labour or military activities.

This is why the Coalition continues with advocacy work to promote national, regional and international rules to be adopted by the Myanmar government, among them the UN Convention on Children's Rights or the Facultative Protocol on the participation of children in armed conflicts. 

We consider that this practice has to be urgently eradicated since it violates the person's fundamental rights and limits free development. 

Help us achieve it!


Saffron- Robe revolt

Since the renewal of pacific demonstrations at the end of August by Buddhist monks, the situation has turned into a social convulsion claiming against repression and the sky rocketing prices of fuel and other basic goods. 

The Military Junta has responded with extreme violence and repression. At present the news on the situation of the detained and the population is uncertain. Amnesty International has launched a social mobilization campaign to help Myanmar return to a normal situation. Likewise, Amnesty International denounces the systematic violation of human rights, child use for forced labour, laws against freedom of expression and the torture of more than a thousand political prisoners.