Mundo Escolar on line reporters

Students have had eight weeks to set up their news magazines with the most important news of their area. At the same time they have gone through certain compulsory work, such as telling how they have organized the magazine, explaining the title, participating in the forum of "doubts" so as to help their colleagues etc.

All the on line magazines were ready at the end of June in the Mundo Escolar web and were submitted to public voting. This voting meant 40% of the total and the other 60% was evaluated by a Fe y Alegría representatives committee.


You can see the reports here (in Spanish)

These kind of initiatives allow, thanks to the new technologies, the exchange of experiences and knowledge among teachers and students of different schools that make up the Fe y Alegría network in Latin America.

Some of the Mundo Escolar reporters...

María Fernanda Solórzano: "The lack of drinking water is a grave problem which we must face". Fe y Alegría School in Las Cumbres (Ecuador)

Julieth Castañeda from the school infirmary: "Tell us Diana, about the nourishment of our students". Fe y Alegría School San Ignacio (Colombia).

"Good afternoon we are in the news magazine NGN and these are our headlines: the A H1N1 flu in our institution, the contamination in our school, the life of our teachers and the fashion column" Silvia Robles. Fe y Alegría School Garcés Navas (Colombia).