More women than men with VIH in Africa

AIDS is increasing in women, in general. In Asia, Eastern Europe and America, the proportion of girls with AIDS is also increasing; in the Caribbean, Middle East, Northern Africa and Australia one of ten infected adults is a woman. 

Twenty five years after the detection of the first case of infection, AIDS continues to lead the ranking of the world's most deadly diseases. In only two years, from 2004 to 2006, the number of infected has increased in 2.6 million people, reaching the total number of 39.5 million world wide.

The report also shows that prevention programmes are not reaching the high risk populations. "Action must not only drastically increase but be strategically and sustainable focused to make sure that the money reaches areas where it is most needed" says Peter Piot UNAIDS Executive Director.
Approximately 4.3 million individuals have been infected during the last 12 months, 400.000 more cases than two years ago, and 2.9 million people have died because of AIDS, 72% in Sub Saharan Africa. In view of this alarming data, it is essential to "increase surveillance IDS activities urgently" says Peter Piot.