More than 400 NGO for development demand a Budget that respects the human rights

The Spanish coordinator of ONGD went to the Congress of the Deputies the last 28th of June. That day, the General Budgets of the State were approved definitively.

Some people in representation of the ONGD and of the Commission of Budgets and of the Cooperation of the Congress were presented at that meeting where a communiqué was read it and were given to members of parliament three documents to bear in mind at the time of taking decisions: the Spanish Constitution, the Declaration of Human Rights and the State Agreement against Poverty.

"Fulfil their commitments, act fairly, share out wealth, fight against fraud and protect to the most vulnerable people", it was demanded them.

Deputies of the political parts such as CiU, ICV, PSOE, PNV, and UPyD received to the coordinator of ONGD and the "Justice" itself. Here you can read (in Spanish) the "Speech of the Justice in the Congress. Fighting for Human Budgets".


Some piece of information

  • While the Spanish Gross National Income has decreased 5%, the ODA has fallen to 50%.
  • The average of cuts in the Ministries is 17% in 2012 while in the budgets for MAEC (The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation) is 54, 4% and the figure for AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID)) is 56, 4%.
  • ODA levels for 2012 place in 0, 23%. This figure places Spain very far from reaching 0,7 %
  • According the last report of Aid Watch 2012 made by the European CCONCORD NGO, Spain goes on the top of the cuts on Cooperation in Europe with 53% lees in 2011 and 44, 42% less in 2012.
  • With a tax for financial transactions, it would be possible to collect 300 000 million Euros for social politics, the eradication of poverty and climate change.



Cooperation is not a problem but a solution. Proposals:

  • The question is not to bring poor people face to face, but trying to guarantee the rights of the most vulnerable people.
  • The complexity of this World needs global proposals. The integration of the perspective for development must be priority on the domestic and international policies.
  • It is essential that Spain fights to promote a model of development focusing on the equal distribution of resources and the reduction of poverty and inequalities.
  • There are proposals to contribute in the creation of this kind of model:
    • Apply a tax for financial transactions in order to collect 300 000 million Euros for social politics, the eradication of poverty and climate change
    • Delete the haven taxe
    • Multinational companies with responsibilities and financial transparency
    • Tax system fairer and progressive to guarantee that the bug companies and fortunes pay taxes in a just way 
    • Civil participation with the organizations of the civil society

Reminding some obligations...

Spanish Constitution:

Article 40.1

• The public authorities shall promote favorable conditions for social and economic progress and for a more equitable distribution of regional and personal income within the framework of a policy of economic stability. They shall in particular carry out a policy aimed at full employment

Declaration of Hyman Rights

Article 22

• Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality

National Pact of State Against Poverty

• A political, social and economic imperative to fight against the eradication of poverty in the World with the appropriated and effective action for the international cooperation. To convert the policy of cooperation in a policy of State without being conditioned by commercial, political and economic interests.