Let us change our regard. VII Entreculturas National Encounter

We have also had the regard of Latin America through Jorge Cela, International Fe y Alegría Federation Director. A regard to a continent "Unique and at the same time multiple, with the challenge of consolidating democracies regarding the citizen as a person with rights and not as a client of favours and gratitudes" said Cela. A continent that has its regard set on the youth since they will assure its future leading Latin America to be part of a global world, not from the present subordinate perspective, but from equal to equal, from a respected self identity; a regard on a continent in which education is key, an education that will allow to develop abilities and enforce values. This regard was complemented by Beatriz González, Entreculturas volunteer form the Burgos Delegation. After her stay in a Fe y Alegría school, she has learnt to value everything she has and to feel grateful for her many opportunities, among which, having been able to get in touch with the Latin American reality.

We have also had a regards on Africa through the eyes of Kenyan Father Elías Omondi, head of the Jesuit Social Secretariat in the continent. We have seen people who hope for a better future through education, good governance, leader's responsibility, good natural resources management and intercultural exchange. A continent who wants to add up its resources to create a new hope and in which international aid should help local efforts but not substitute them.

As expressed by Luis Arancibia, Entreculturas Deputy Director, this Encounter has invited us to face the world with a clear look; seeing things as they are; with a deeper look, discovering for example, an African continent full of values and cultural richness; with an alternative look, to make us regard world globalization as a great family and not as a great market; a regard that will move us, overflow us and question us; a regard that will go beyond reality and make us discover the dreams and utopia that change is possible.

The encounter has been an invitation to live with a meaning, working for justice and with sensibility. And Entreculturas can help us to do so, as an organization that far from being bureaucratic, tires to be an organization that bears with those who suffer and fight for a life with dignity and justice.