An important step to fight against the soldier minors

The Commission of International Cooperation for Development of the Diputies Congress discussed a green paper on the 27th of April to eradicate the use of children soldiers. As result, it was agreed to urge executive to consider as "primary matter" to promote treatments and agreements in order to take preventive against the children who have been recruitment as soldiers and to create rehabilitation and reintegration programs for them.

Moreover, the Government must apply "a coherent external policy with the establishment of this priority", which have been connected with the fight against the arms trade according the opinion of several spokesmen.

Trying to stop the use of children in the armed groups when, previously, the weapons have been sold them, has no sense", explained Ignacio Uriarte, Deputy from PP political party.
The motion aforesaid, formulated by the PP, asks Government for fighting against the use of children soldiers as a priority in the Spanish Cooperation and to establish programs to rehabilitation of those children who have been victims of the recruitment in armed conflicts.

This initiative includes the requirement of the NGO to promote international programs in assistance, rehabilitation and integration for children soldiers; and to pay attention to their psychological necessities; and to provide opportunities to access to Education and employment.

"The organizations like Entreculturas, The Commitment Foundation and Save the Children value positively this initiative that pay attention to one of the worst violations of human rights against the children. Nevertheless, we want to remember to the parliamentary groups and to the Spanish Government the need to stimulate also others measures like to assure the correct identification of possible minors' applicants of asylum and the group of minors without accompanying, guaranteeing the refugee's statute in the cases of children soldiers.

Equally, the organizations we urge Spanish Government to promote actively the universal ratification of the optional Protocol on the participation of the children in the armed conflicts ", explained Yolanda Roman, person in charge of Incident Policy of Save the Children.
Last 12th of February and coinciding with the celebration of the international Day against the use of children soldiers, the NGOs which work against the child soldiers pay attention about this problem in at least 15 countries. In spite of the advances obtained during the last years, we can find the liberation of more than 11.000 children soldiers during 2010 and hundreds of thousands of children who are continuing being victims of this terrible violation of his rights.


Press conference of the presentation of the short movie "I am not him ",
a documentary on the reality of the children soldiers directed by Esteban Crespo

NGOs urged Government and different political parties to show a commitment with the eradication in the use of children soldiers with the followings requests:

  • To promote the universal ratification of the facultative Protocol of the Convention on the children rights related with the children soldiers, in the international forums and in the framework of the bilateral relationships.
  • In order to promote international programs of assistance for children soldiers, paying attention to the psychological situation, rehabilitation and integration and to provide them the access to education and appropriate employments.
  • To guarantee the appropriate identification of possible applicants of asylum and the recognition of the refugee´s statute for children who arrive to Spain allowing becoming a victim again.