Hurricane Felix leaves more than 100 dead in Nicaragua and Honduras

In Nicaragua, Felix swept with winds at 260 Kms. per hour over an area inhabited by native "misquitos, mayagnas and ramas" in one of the most poor and unattended regions of Nicaragua. After the hurricane, it was declared "disaster zone". Other thousands of citizens were stranded by strong rains and are currently in danger of epidemics.

In Honduras, where the hurricane struck later, tens of thousands of people where isolated. The waters of the River Caracol partially destroyed a bridge 80 Km. south of Tegucigalpa that prevented transit for 18.000 inhabitants of seven communities in the Province of Choluteca.

In addition, another 20.000 peasants were left un communicated because the River Ulua overflowed and flooded 12 communities in the Yoro Province, in the country's central region. Two children died because of the torrential rains and two other persons disappeared. Rains have also destroyed 600 hectares of wheat crops in the eastern province of El Paraiso, in the border with Nicaragua.

Entreculturas has so far added 10.000 Euros to the emergency money raised by the Universidad Centro Americana (UCA) of Nicaragua. This entire amount is being managed by the Bluefields Vicariat, one of the worst hit areas, with whom our local partner, the John XXIII Institute works in various education and health programmes.