Haiti enters a new phase

Results given by the Provisional Election Council gave the victory to candidate Michel Martelly after the second round held on March 20. Sixteen months after the earthquake in which the government of René Préval has been almost inoperative regarding the reconstruction, hopes are set on this new government.

There are still more than one million people living in the refugee camps of Puerto Príncipe and its surroundings as a consequence of the 2010 earthquake which showed the extreme vulnerability of the country and brought a cholera epidemic which has already left 4.000 dead. However, as Entreculturas Deputy Director said on his visit to the island last February, , " Haiti´s real problem is neither the earthquake nor the cholera, the real problem is poverty and the absence of a State".

An absence that is hoped to end with the arrival of the new government. Thousands of Haitians have managed to survive with the help of humanitarian organizations, but it is essential that government institutions lead and carry out a true reconstruction plan in order to demand and implement the international aid promised in the aftermath of the catastrophe.

Aware of this process, at Entreculturas, through our local partners, Foi et Joie and the Jesuit Refugee Service, we have continued to work in order to support the population with a five year programme to work on.

Emergency education in the refugee camps, creation of new classrooms to increase education facilities, technical education and teacher training are the four priorities of this programme that is already reaching more than 5.000 people in order to guarantee access to a quality education in Haiti and allow its population to look ahead and become agents of change. A change that the country has been waiting too long for and that the new government has the responsibility to speed up.