Gender Campaign: “Change for equality, a just cause”

Women are doubly victims in exclusion contexts: three out of four young people with AIDS are women, only 1% of land ownership belongs to women and less than 16% of world parliament seats are occupied by women. This alarming data needs to be changed. 

The campaign is focused to impact in Spanish politics, showing women's fight to improve their life conditions and rights as well as the need to comply with the international agreements signed by our governments such as the Beijing Platform and the Millennium Goals. 

In order to achieve this, we will initially raise awareness among citizens in general and secondly we will do so with multiplying agents (women organizations, educators, volunteers, and media) so as to mobilize them. Last of all we will address decision makers and politicians to take steps and take them to the international spaces in which they participate. 

The campaign, with financial support from the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, will end with the revision in 2010 of the compliance of the Millennium and Beijing Goals. 


What does the Campaign demand? 

LET US DEMAND EQUALITY AS A RIGHT. A human sustainable development will not be achieved while social, political and economic structures still favour non equal situations and gender discrimination. 

LET US BREAK STEREOTYPES. Women are not passive victims. They work and fight to break the discriminating situation in which they find themselves and improve their living conditions. 

LET US ENCOURAGE EQUAL PARTICIPATION FOR MEN AND WOMEN in all decision making spaces both in the private and public areas. 

LET US RE INFORCE THE CITIZEN´S ECONOMY. Women do more than half of the work, but only one third is paid for it. The value of work is not measured by the income but by its contribution to society. 

EQUALITY IS NOT ONLY WOMEN´S CONCERN. It concerns men and women. We all have the obligation and the capacity to make it happen. 

LET US ACHIEVE THE COMPLIANCE OF AGREEMENTS. Equality is the State's responsibility. Equality is women's human right; States have the obligation to ensure it.