Fe y Alegría´s Commitment with Education

"We think it is essential to start a change of focus in education policies, centred on a quality education as every person's right and society's responsibility; a change to recover the meaning of education as a public good. It is with broad social agreements that sustainable State policies can be generated that may have a significant impact in our populations´ development. The transformation in education that our countries need will only be possible with the support, consensus and  commitment of all social sectors" according to the basic document of the Campaign.

Fe y Alegría addresses the Campaign "Commitment with Education" to:

  • Demand the obligation of governments and societies to assure the right to a quality education for all as a public good in order to overcome poverty and exclusion.
  • Demand governments to promote stable and broad mechanisms of social agreements, to facilitate the debate, design, execution and monitoring of education policies. 


We seek alliances with others. We want to promote dialogue and action with other organizations and institutions, education communities, governments and society in general around six proposals for change in our education systems. 

  1. Access, processes and results in equity conditions.
  2. Whole and inclusive quality education.
  3. Continuous life education.
  4. Strengthening of teacher career.
  5. Sufficient public funding.
  6. Management education for quality and equity.

Likewise and in the framework of the campaign, the International Fe y Alegría Federation has produced several documents with reflections and proposals for dialogue with other organizations, governments, education communities and society in general. 

More information in  www.feyalegria.org or in  fi.accionpublica@feyalegria.org