Fe y Alegría Paraguay embarks on “The Longest Task”, a grand eco-adventure for education



Six explorers started a trial: to visit 8 education FE y Alegría centres distributed in various parts of the country. The trip was more than 1000 kilometres long, using special transport, walking, cycling, climbing, kayaking and others.

Fe y Alegría Paraguay maintains at present more than 100 free educational centres (schools, colleges, nurseries, primary clinics, spaces for alternative education, long distance education centres via radio, radio stations, amongst others) distributed between the country's 12 departments, with more than 21.000 direct beneficiaries, counting boys, girls, youths and adults.


The campaign, which got started in August through the social networks, aims to raise awareness of the Fe y Alegría's programs, as well as their reach and contribution to the Paraguayan society.

The campaign was developed by Fe y Alegría Paraguay with the support of the Jesuit Foundation, recently created in the country. The idea was developed by an advertising agency (ONIRIA/TBWA), looking for the best way to transmit the scope of our Movement's educational travails.



The journey took place from the 31st of August to the 5th of September, and was realized by eco-adventure amateurs that joined the initiative in aid of Fe y Alegría's work. The adventurers formed two teams ("Fe" and "Alegría"), and began the trip with the rule of only using bikes, kayaks, trekking, etc. to get to the designated points, and through mountains, fields and rivers showing some of the country's most beautiful scenery .

In total, 8 communities were visited, chosen as representatives by its location and by the diversity of services delivered by Fe y Alegría in Paraguay: Education centres with boarding facilities, agricultural schools, Indian and peasant communities where the PREBIR (Radio education for youths and adults program) classes are followed, schools in the northern part of the country, one of the poorest zones of Paraguay, and finally the schools and nurseries in the slums to the north and south of Asunción, poverty areas around the capital.


The eco-adventurers ended up fascinated by the communities visited and the communities themselves very happy by having been visited.


  • More information and also the possibility to spread this initiative further can be found in the FE y Alegría Fan page www.facebook.com/feyalegriaparaguay. The same through Twitter @feyalegria2