The Entreculturas workshop “Getting close to the South", is among the good practices of voluntary work

At Entreculturas, we receive this mention with enthusiasm, since, for another year it is a recognition of the good practices in voluntary work that we have been carrying out with this workshop for the last ten years" says Sonia Jadraque, head of Entreculturas Formation and Volunteer Area.

On the other hand, Entreculturas has also taken part in the exhibit of the "Volunteer Management Guide" which Fundación La Caixa has edited through the Third Sector Observatory in order to help with the systemization of volunteer work. With this new edition, the Foundation `proposes a tool for the organization and management of organization volunteers in order to achieve more efficient work. The book also shows the new volunteer profile: highly qualified retired people with a long professional life behind them. At present, Spain has almost 2 million people working as volunteers in 15.000 organizations..

December 5 was International Volunteer Day. At Entreculturas we would like to thank the commitment and dedication of the more than 400 volunteers that work in our organization. We owe a great part of what we are to them: Thank You!