End of the campaign "Move for equality. It´s fair"

“This is not a goodbye, even if the campaign ends, it has been the starting pint of a challenge in which our organizations should have a greater implication regarding gender issue" said Esther Pino, Director of the Awareness Raising and Policy department of Ayuda en Acción.

Several round tables were held with local and government authorities, and all of them pointed out the impact of this campaign in the government cooperation and development policies where gender has become a transversal issue and a quality criteria. Likewise, importance was given to the joint work of the three NGOs that have led the initiative and the harmony with other civil organizations: "This campaign is an example as to how the aid´s efficiency is subject to coordination among civil society organizations and making gender issue their own" said an administration official.

Likewise, the Directors of Ayuda en Acción, Entreculturas and Intered spoke on the importance of gender issues in civil society organizations.


 "I am very proud of these four years´ work. I hope it will not stop here. Now, more than ever, we must make a great effort to reach equality, because it is a question of justice". Patricia Moreira, Ayuda en Acción Director.  "As NGOs, we run the risk of focusing our work in the South, but we must not forget the same or greater importance that the work has in the North, in education, at the base, which is where the gender issue should start." Agustín Alonso, Entreculturas Director. "I would point out the capacity of agreement and dialogue among the three campaign organizations, as well as the passion of the human team behind all this. Now the challenge is to show day after day the coherence required by our commitment with the gender issue". María del Carmen Aragonés, Intered Director.