CONGDE: “The deal makes even more sense in this context of crisis”

"We reaffirm the validity of the State pact against poverty and we promise to make the International Cooperation policy a real State policy". With those words, all the political parties with parliamentary representation have subscribed in Madrid the statement resulting from the fourth Monitoring Committee of the State Pact against Poverty.

From Entreculturas, we support the Spanish Coordinator position which explain that the actual crisis context can´t be an excuse to going back on international cooperation, but on the contrary, because crisis is increasing, precisely, the poverty levels. The State Pact has demonstrated to be a useful instrument, based on the consensus, and his spirit has been reflected through the main documents and policies of the Spanish Cooperation -like the III Director Plan or other documents at regional, provincial and local levels-.

Since 2007, when all the political parties with parliamentary representation signed up the State Pact against Poverty, progress has been made as the reform of the additional provision of Law 18 General Grant, the reform of the Development Assistance Fund (still running) or the assumption of commitments to debt cancellation. However, there are many outstanding issues, mainly now, after the Government has announced cuts of 800 million euros in ODA. So we must work together to ensure the coherence of the Spanish policies in order to not to undermine the achievements of development policy and to improve it both in quality -enhancing inter alia AECID capabilities- and quantity -reaching commitment of 0.7% of GNI in 2015 and including it in the electoral programs of all parties in the upcoming regional and local elections-.

For its part, the Monitoring Committee of the State Pact against Poverty is committed to work for the reform of the multilateral strategy of Spanish aid and to improve the transparency and the parliamentary accountability, strengthening civil society participation and leading role in the cooperation.

Next Commission meeting will take place in the last quarter of the year so also will examine whether -as they are committed- the Spanish Cooperation efforts have been increased in order to reach the MDG, whose performance will be reviewed at the UN headquarters in New York in September.