A campaign to change the vision on the Haitian migrants in Latin America



Haiti has been unknown, bad known and even forgiven. The mortal earthquake struck Haiti last 12 of January, 2010 made to wake up to World and to remind us that Haiti still exists. During the two months after the tragedy, Haiti was in a privileged place in the agenda of the media and the international headlines. Some Governments expressed their solidarity with Haiti and ever with the Haitian migrants through specific actions such as make the Haitian migratory regulation easier in their region or to facility the Haitian family reunification to the members who stayed on Haiti.

However, during the course of the years, the interests and solidarity, with Haiti and the Haitian population who are living in other countries, have been disappearing.

The campaign "We have dignity and rights like you" pretends to change the vision on Haitian migrants in the countries of Latin America. For that, we do it through six radical slots, four micro-programs and some reports about this topic.

  • To announce the important historical landmark of Haiti; the principal migratory waves; and to analyze his current situation after the earthquake
  • To show the new Haitian flows towards the region as a migration forced because of the earthquake that aggravated the socio-economic conditions of that population
  • To present the situation of lack of protection and vulnerability that Haitian forced migrants face in several countries of the region, in consequences of the absence of an international instrument of protection of displaced due to environmental reasons and to the existence of dealers' networks that promote the above mentioned migration.
  • To question the Governments and the regional organisms (OEA, UNASUR) on raising the problematic of the Haitian flows in a regional way to find a good solution to this problem.

This campaign wants to tell other Haiti: not to talk about the "poor country", but a hard country that has resisted to all the catastrophes such as natural, historical and political; a country of artists; persons who love life; a country of hope.

The campaign wants to touch minds and hearts in order that Governments, groups and organizations of the civil society, persons of all classes in the region are more solidary and hospitable with the Haitian migrants who arrive to the door of their houses, borders and territories. In name of the intrinsic dignity and of the equal and inalienable human rights for all the human beings and as members of the human family.