The “1 Goal: Education for All” campaign also wins the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Taking advantage of one opportunity as high as the 2010 FIFA World Cup, held for the first time in an African country, the Global Campaign for Education, together with the FIFA organization, started the 1 Goal: Education for All campaign, in order to get, at least, 30 millions of people involved, to remember their governments the agreement they got in 2000 to achieve the Education for All goal in 2015.

With this initiative, supported by a large number of Ambassadors like Shakira, Jessica Alba, Ban Ki-Moon and a hundred of football stars, we tried to remember the governments from the north, south and the International Organism, that still for 72 million of boys and girls is not possible to go to school. We also tried to demand the funds that are urgently necessary to get this goal.

During this year 2010, with the economic crisis behind, it is especially important the financing for the consecution of the Education for All. Following the forecast from the World Bank, 90 millions of people more than in the past have been trapped by the poverty situation because of the recession in 2009: that means more children out of school, especially girls, and more child labor.

Our partners Leticia Silvela and Deyanira Hernández have been in South Africa, working for the campaign during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. From this country they have been reporting us in this blog the activities they have prepared. "It has been a very hard month, with a lot of work, but it was worthy, no doubts. In the Global Campaign for Education office in Johannesburg there were 40 people from all of the world, trying harder day by day to present everywhere 1 Goal. To get more signatures. To introduce the importance of going to school".

Press release, demonstrations, visits to schools with personalities supporting the campaign (Shakira, Sócrates, Quinton Fortune, Andrew Cole, Patrick Mboma, Pep Guardiola), meetings with different teams to achieve their commitment during the event, a school bus which has been taking part of all the acts and news conferences, promotional videos, meetings with local televisions and a large number of communication and mobilization activities to make sure that the message of the importance of education is in the mind of everyone.

And we have achieved a lot. It is difficult to know how to measure the success but "we have no doubts that more than 14 million of signatures, more than 30.000 followers in Facebook, thousands of kind of media impacts and the fact that everywhere you went in South Africa people have heard about 1 Goal Education for All Campaign... that it's a success!", our partners say.

Here you can see a summary of what we got

1GOAL is a campaign seizing the power of football to ensure that education for all is a lasting impact of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. By bringing together footballers and fans, charities and organisations around the world, together we can call on world leaders to make education a reality for 72 million children by 2015.

The numbers are still alarming:

  • 72 millions of children don't have primary school access. 50% of them live in Africa.
  • More than a third of the children that are registered in a school leave it before finishing primary education.
  • There is an important lack of teachers: 18 millions of teachers have to be formed and employed before 2015.
  • 774 millions of adults continue not to be able to read or write.

Education is an essential element to eradicate poverty and achieve the human and sustainable economic development. One additional year of education can increase the income of one person in 10%. Moreover, education reduce infant and maternal mortality and the possibilities of come down with disease like AIDS.

You can also contribute to improve the situation of those 72 children. Click and support with your signature the campaign.