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Launch your solidarity initiative

Are you having a birthday? Getting married? Celebrating your Golden Jubilee? Are you preparing for a special sporting challenge?

If you believe, like Entreculturas, that education is the most powerful tool to transform the world, this is the perfect time to launch your solidarity initiative.

How can you do it?

Choose the Entreculturas project you would like to collaborate with.

Create your own online solidarity initiative.

Invite people around you to participate.

And if you have other ideas on how to do it, let us know.

For example, if you are going to celebrate an event you can replace the gift you give to your guests with a donation for an Entreculturas project, we can provide you with the materials you need: personalized cards so that the guests know that they are attending a solidarity celebration, online invitations and an Entreculturas gift as a souvenir for your guests.

I want to make my event a solidarity event
How to start?

Great! We will help you to make any idea you may have for a charity event a reality. You only have to contact us through this form:

I would like to receive information about the campaigns of ENTRECULTURAS FE Y ALEGRÍA ESPAÑA and how to participate. By signing, I accept the privacy policy. Continue reading.

Education is the best gift

Many people have already been encouraged to collaborate through a solidarity event.

Create your solidarity initiative

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