WUJA for Haiti

With the project “WUJA for Haiti”, three organizations (Foi et Joie - Haiti, the World Union of Jesuit Alumni/ae and Entreculturas) want to contribute to development of children and youth of Haiti through the development of the quality of basic and technical education.  

Haiti is the poorest country in Latin America, and the situation of the education is very precarious. The literacy rate is of 52,4% in the population older than 15 years. At least half a million children don’t have access to a basic education.

The two specific goals of this iniciative are:

1) Achieve 773 boys and girls of 7 primary schools, 6 of them situated in the Northwest region and 1 in the Northeast, exercise their right to a quality education through the development of the teaching and learning methods. Improve the health habits of the students of one school through the access to drinking water.

2) Help 120 young students in Puerto Príncipe to find a job, thanks to their formation in technical skills in the specialities of Cooking, Electricity and Windows Installation Techniques. 

We need your support to achieve our goal: join us contributing to the project and spreading the word!

We would also appreciate it very much if you could share this initiative with your friends and Jesuit Alumni circles.


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