Who are we?

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We are an NGO of the Society of Jesus that defends the right to education.

Through our projects, we promote access to quality education and equal opportunities in contexts of exclusion and vulnerability in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

We believe that guaranteeing the right to quality education is the means for change and social justice and a transversal axis in each of the 5 causes we defend: the right to education, migration and refuge, gender equity, socio-environmental justice and citizen participation.

For Entreculturas it is fundamental that all our actions generate equal opportunities and are responsible and transparent with all the people who support us.

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We work for social change and the promotion of justice in our world through personal and community transformation. We are convinced that education and participation are powerful instruments for this purpose and, in this direction, we work in alliance with the main networks of the Society of Jesus in contexts of exclusion (Jesuit Refugee Service, Fe y Alegría and Social Centers) as well as with various coalitions and platforms of civil society with which we share the same purpose.

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We promote a transformative, quality education model, with an innovative proposal that builds global citizenship and provides answers to the challenges posed by the new frontiers of exclusion.

We defend the dignified life and rights of people in a situation of forced mobility.

We are committed to socio-environmental justice, to sustainable and supportive lifestyles, both personal and institutional.

We work to place global citizenship on the educational, political and social agenda.

All of this is based on a firm commitment to guarantee gender equity and equal opportunities regardless of any personal or social condition or circumstance.

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Our identity is grounded in human rights and rooted in the Jesuit mission that promotes solidarity and justice. We therefore aspire to a courageous, committed and coherent response that has at its core the dignification and reconciliation of people and nature.

Our causes

We support more than 360,000 people through more than 200 projects in 45 countries around the world.

A committed team

The Entreculturas team is committed to the mission, vision and values of the organization. We work together with 90 employees and 671 volunteers and collaborators, all of whom are convinced that education is the key to development.

A solid social base

In addition, we have a social base of 31,892 members and donors, a growing number that demonstrates the growing willingness of the population to commit to global solidarity and justice.


A person who makes a continuous financial contribution over time and with a specific frequency. At the end of 2022, Entreculturas had 7,740 members.


A person who makes a one-time financial contribution. At the end of 2022, Entreculturas had 24,152 donors.


Person who is committed in a stable and continuous way in teams and work projects. At the end of 2022, Entreculturas had 429 volunteers.


A person who offers to participate in an activity on an ad hoc basis. At the end of 2022, Entreculturas had 242 collaborators.


Those who participate in a service provided by Entreculturas and its partner organizations (formal or alternative education, vocational training, humanitarian aid, psychosocial care…). At the end of 2022, Entreculturas had 361,442 beneficiaries.

We work in 28 locations throughout Spain

We are present in our country through 28 offices where we carry out awareness programs, education for global citizenship and volunteering, as well as actions to raise support for our International Cooperation, Humanitarian Action and Social Action projects in Spain.

If you would like to get to know us better, talk to the team or collaborate in your province, please contact your nearest branch.


Name: Headquarters

Address and contact:
C/ Maldonado, 1. 28006 – Madrid. Floor 3.

Tel. 915 90 26 72


Name: Madrid

Address and contact:
c/ Geranios, 30. 28080 Madrid.

Tel. 915 771 817


Name: A Coruña

Address and contact:
Fonseca, 8 (Fonseca Center). 15004 A Coruña

Tel. 981 216 858


Name: Alicante

Address and contact:
Av. de Denia, 98 (Colegio La Inmaculada). 03016 Alicante

Tel. 965 268 144


Name: Badajoz

Address and contact:
Fonseca, 8 (Fonseca Center). 15004 A Coruña

Tel. 981 216 858


Name: Barcelona

Address and contact:
c/ Roger de Llúria, 13. 08010 Barcelona

Tel. 93 318 37 36


Name: Burgos

Address and contact:
c/ Molinillo, 3 (Centro Pastoral de la Merced). 09002 Burgos.

Tel. 947 251 883


Name: Cádiz

Address and contact:
c/ Racimo, 3. 11407 – Jerez de la Frontera.

Tel. 657 64 03 49


Name: Córdoba

Address and contact:
Av. Gran Capitán, 5 accessory (San Hipólito). 14008 Cordoba

Tel. 957 479 723


Name: Elche

Address and contact:
c/ Capitán Gaspar Ortiz, 40 entresuelo. 03201 Elche.

Tel. 963 153 744


Name: Grenada

Address and contact:
c/ Elvira, 65 (Suarez Center). 18010 Granada.

Tel. 958 275 034


Name: Huelva

Address and contact:
c/ Fernando El Católico ,2 (Centro Javier). 21003 Huelva.

Tel. 959 240 120


Name: Lion

Address and contact:
Av. de los Jesuitas, 12. 24007 León.

Tel. 605 704 652


Name: Logroño

Address and contact:
Fonseca, 8 (Fonseca Center). 15004 A Coruña

Tel. 981 216 858


Name: Madrid

Address and contact:
c/ Geranios, 30. 28080 Madrid.

Tel. 91 577 18 17


Name: Murcia

Address and contact:
Pza. Sto. Sunday, 2, 2 (next to the Arch). 30008 Murcia.

Tel. 963 153 744


Name: Oviedo

Address and contact:
Fonseca, 8 (Fonseca Center). 15004 A Coruña

Tel. 981 216 858


Name: Salamanca

Address and contact:
Pº San Antonio, 14, 40. 37003 Salamanca.

Tel. 923 125 000


Name: Santander

Address and contact:
c/San José, 15. Low. 39003 Santander

Tel. 942 213 450


Name: Santiago de Compostela

Address and contact:
c/ Santo Agostiño, 2. 15704 A Coruña.

Tel. 981 581 409


Name: Sevilla

Address and contact:
Av. Eduardo Dato 20 B, Portal A. 41018 Seville.

Tel. 954 635 170


Name: Valencia

Address and contact:
Av. Gran Vía Fernando el Católico 78. 46008 Valencia.

Tel. 963 153 744


Name: Valladolid

Address and contact:
c/ Ruíz Hernández 10. 47002 Valladolid.

Tel. 983 393 907


Name: Vigo

Address and contact:
c/ Velázquez Moreno 9, 2º. 36201 Vigo.

Tel. 986 224 990


Name: Zaragoza

Address and contact:
Fonseca, 8 (Fonseca Center). 15004 A Coruña

Tel. 981 216 858


We work as a network

Entreculturas maintains a special working relationship with the following global networks of the Society of Jesus with which it shares vision, mission and values of justice:

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Fe y Alegría

Fe y Alegría is an international movement of Popular Education present in 23 countries with an educational community of more than 950,000 people. It was founded in Caracas in 1955 by Jesuit José Mª Vélaz to care for a hundred children without a school. Fe y Alegría promotes quality and transformative education that contributes to the creation of just, democratic and participatory societies. www.feyalegria.org

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Servicio Jesuita a Refugiados

The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international organization working in 58 countries with the mission to accompany, serve and defend the rights of refugees and displaced persons worldwide. JRS currently serves about 1.5 million people. www.jrs.net

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Centros Sociales jesuitas

We work with other Jesuit organizations in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia through which we implement actions linked to education, as well as other strategic priorities such as migration, ecology, gender equality and the promotion of committed citizenship. www.sjesjesuits.global

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Sector Social en España

The social action of the Society of Jesus in Spain covers three areas: children at risk of social exclusion, the reality of migration in our country and international cooperation and humanitarian aid. Entreculturas works together with Alboan in the field of international cooperation, and supports the social action and children’s work carried out by Red Mimbre and the work with migrants promoted by SJM. www.socialjesuitas.es

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Coaliciones y Plataformas

Entreculturas is part of coalitions and platforms from which, together with other organizations, we add voices and join efforts to collectively claim and defend fundamental aspects related to justice and human rights.

Equality between men and women is a matter of human rights and a condition for social justice, a fundamental requirement for achieving development and peace. These documents reflect our commitment to a horizon of justice and equity.

In the pages of this document we formulate our intentionality, we define the future we want as an organization and as a network of people committed to solidarity and global justice. Take a look at our roadmap to 2025. We also share common causes with our sister organization Alboan.

Under the name “Fundación Entreculturas – Fe y Alegría”, subject to Spanish legislation, a private, independent, non-profit and non-discriminatory Foundation is constituted, which will be governed by the applicable legal and regulatory norms and, in particular, by the following rules and regulations present bylaws.

A board of trustees committed to education

The Board of Trustees is our highest decision-making body. It is composed of 10 members, a secretary and a president. All the people who form part of this governing body are linked to our work by their beliefs and values, and have been chosen for their experience and knowledge in the educational field.

  • Enric Puiggròs Llavinés SJ, President
  • Luis Arancibia Tapia, Vice President
  • José Miguel Colina SJ, secretary and member
  • Jose Ignacio García Jiménez SJ, member
  • José Ignacio García Eguizábal Escribano, Member
  • Eva Castillo Sanz, member
  • José Miguel Colina SJ, member
  • Marta Riopérez Orta, Member
  • Julia Navarro, member
  • Jenny Cafiso, member
  • María del Carmen de la Fuente, member
  • Enrique Sanz Giménez – Rico, SJ, member.
  • Mª Luisa Berzosa Gonzáles, Fl – Member

The Advisory Council and the Territorial Council

The Advisory Council collaborates in a disinterested manner by advising the Executive Management of Entreculturas in decision-making.

The Advisory Council is made up of:

  • José María Segura sj
  • Enric Puiggròs Llavinés SJ, President
  • Lluís S. Salinas Roca sj
  • Pablo Veiga Fernández sj
  • Higinio Pi Pérez sj
  • Josep Buades Fuster sj
  • Javier Buades
  • Javier Montes Maury sj
  • Roberto Otero André sj
  • Juan Pablo Rodriguez Gutierrez sj

The Territorial Council is made up of:

  • Cruz Rodriguez (A Coruña)
  • Ana García (Asturias)
  • Gemma Fernández (Extremadura)
  • Desirée Sánchez (Valladolid)
  • Alicia Pérez Bravo (La Palma)
  • Fernando Monsalve (Seville)
  • Toño Vicente (Salamanca)

Management Team and Coordinator

Martín Iriberri SJ is, as of 2023, the General Director of Entreculturas. Working closely with him are Ramón Almansa (Executive Director), Borja Garrido (Financial Director) and Raquel Martín (Director of Communication and Institutional Relations), in addition to a large group of coordinators who, together, guide the day-to-day running of the organization.

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