Socio-Environmental Justice

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We promote socio-environmental justice that protects the environment and helps defend the rights of the most vulnerable people.

We want to help more and more people to cultivate a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle, thinking about the common good, solidarity, care for nature and to work for a renewed intergenerational justice.

What we focus on:

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In the context of globalization and multiculturalism, it is necessary to educate citizens of the world who are able to understand and respect each other, and to know that they are different but equal in dignity and rights. We pay special attention to indigenous populations in contexts such as the Amazon and the Amazon We also provide intercultural and bilingual educational proposals and value and recover education for environmental and cultural sustainability.

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We strengthen an entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem to improve access to employment, training and income for people in situations of vulnerability and social exclusion in countries such as Peru, where we implement the Work 4 Progres program, a project that focuses on women and young people from the rural Andean and Amazonian indigenous population.

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We work with more than 200 national and international companies, with the objective of promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that has a measurable and sustainable impact over time, that is transparent and accountable. Entreculturas is a member of the CSR Observatory, the Ethics Committees of the solidarity funds of Banco Santander and Caixabank, the Foundations Impact Fund promoted by the Open Value Foundation and the platform for Responsible Business (PER). Likewise, as part of Fiare Banca Etica, we support social enterprises and promote fair trade.

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We promote a society with more sustainable and supportive lifestyles, and we do so through awareness-raising actions, such as our office material recycling campaign. Recicolesour carbon footprint calculator and our carbon footprint calculator. online storeWe offer fair trade and sustainable products developed by the communities we work with in different countries in Africa and Latin America. We also offer various educational resources to work in classrooms and youth groups on the issue of socio-environmental justice and to promote committed action in their environments in favor of this cause.

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