Safe environment

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Secure environment system

Entreculturas shares the firm commitment to the protection and care of minors and vulnerable people, as well as special attention to victims of abuse and their families, through the program of the Safe Environment System (ES) . The objective of ES is to generate and promote safe spaces, activities and relationships, including numerous actions aimed at this end (awareness-raising, training, listening spaces, supervision).

Entreculturas Safe Environment Commission:

  • Ainara Lete (volunteering, headquarters, scholarships and internships)
  • Borja Garrido (non-compliance with the Code of Conduct or Compliance)
  • Gustavo Benítez (working people)
  • Jessica García (minors)
  • Lourdes Valenzuela (Gender Commission)
  • Marta Aranda (volunteer in delegations)
  • Pablo Funes (international)
  • Sonia Fernández (Responsible for Safe Environment)

Complaints channel

If you know of any situation in which GOOD TREATMENT is NOT being promoted; or in which a person could be suffering any kind of abuse, you can report it confidentially to:

Entreculturas mailbox:

Province Mailbox:

SJ Code of Conduct

Entreculturas Code of Conduct

Policy for the Protection of Minors and Adults in Vulnerable Adult Situations of EC

Safe Environment Guide in Non-Formal Education Contexts

Code of Conduct of the Spanish NGDO Coordinating Committee

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