“East Africa is a very complex and volatile region, but at the same time very rich in culture, people and hope.”

This week on Voices for a Cause, writer Julia Navarro talks to Paula Casado, Head of Communications and Fundraising for the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in East Africa. With her, we approach the reality and complexity of East Africa, “a region”, in Paula’s words, “very complex and volatile, but at the same time very rich in culture, people and hope”.

In this chapter Paula tells us about the experience of JRS within The LIGHT of the GIRLSEntreculturas’ global campaign together with Fe y Alegría and JRS, which in recent months has carried out actions in different countries in the region, such as Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. This work makes it possible to describe and make visible the threats and various forms of violence experienced by girls.

In this way, Paula points out the high risk of forced marriage, early pregnancy and sexual violence for girls in the region. As for the right to education, Paula stresses that, to a greater or lesser extent, “it is one of the first rights to be taken away from girls in these countries.”

Paula also stresses the important role of women teachers in Africa as “role models and symbols of power by showing families that their daughters can be more than housewives, that they can have a career.” In addition, Paula points out that their accompanying role is crucial, as “they are the first to defend the right of girls to go to school, thus reducing the risk of child marriage and pregnancy”.

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