Participation and
Global Citizenship

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We promote a critical global citizenship committed to social transformation.

The underlying causes of global challenges such as poverty, inequality or environmental degradation are found in global processes. The response to these challenges requires a global citizenry that is aware, committed and articulated in local and global networks, capable of facing them.

We are convinced that education enables us to understand the world and to commit ourselves to solidarity and justice. We want to take special care of youth participation, which invites us to rethink a new world and the participation of the most excluded and vulnerable people and groups. For this reason, this cause is transversal to the others.

What we focus on:

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We are committed to an education that strengthens an informed, critical and committed citizenry that is aware of the reality of their time and develops the skills and attitudes to play a leading role in social and political transformation. In collaboration with educational communities in Spain, we offer pedagogical resources on our platform REDEC platform, around the causes we promote, and we carry out programs for youth participation and leadership, such as the Youth Solidarity Network (RSJ), which is part of the Generation 21+ International Network.

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We generate advocacy proposals, both alone and in networks and alliances with other actors and entities, with the aim of influencing local, national and international agendas. We carry out research, analysis and denunciation work around our 5 causes and involve the public by offering them channels for participation through our campaigns and actions.

We network through the Movement 4.7 , the Coordinating the Children’s Platform , Common Future and the Spanish Coalition of the Spanish Coalition of the Global Campaign for a Education (GCE).

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Volunteering is an experience with the capacity to transform the person and make him/her an agent of change in his/her environment, city and the world. At Entreculturas we promote volunteering both locally, in the 28 offices we have in Spain that spread our mission throughout the territory, and internationally through the program VOLPA program, which has more than 30 years of history.

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In order to learn to be global citizens from practice, we offer resources for action to citizens and we do advocacy, awareness-raising and mobilization throughout Spain through campaigns such as the GCE o The Red Chair .

A privileged space for this is the educational centers, where we promote youth participation so that students, accompanied by their educators, design and lead their own actions.

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Our social and development communication work is a key strategy in Entreculturas’ transformative mission. Through our relationship with the media, communication through our channels (social networks, audiovisual production…) and the promotion of exhibitions and other cultural events, we give a voice to the people who are the protagonists of our projects, we make visible realities that are often forgotten and we raise awareness in society with a message of hope.

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We promote the development of partner organizations, networks and associative and institutional spaces with which we work in the most vulnerable contexts, favoring their professionalism, training, innovation and the opening of new areas of work. We seek to generate structural and sustainable changes over time. This action is materialized in the improvement of human resources management, the development of processes and tools aimed at the efficiency and sustainability of the organizations, the improvement of project management and support in institutional relations.

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