This year make yourself the Visible Friend

Entreculturas launches its new Christmas Campaign to remind society that we can change the rules of the game. Entreculturas suggests that instead of playing the "Secret Santa" game, in which we all become 'invisible', we should become the Visible Friend that people need, offering the best gift: to guarantee education for thousands of Children in Latin America and Africa.

Entreculturas members and friends and all other who wish to do so, will receive in their homes an envelope with three folded papers in order to play the game, with three different names to become visible friends. Thus, Entreculturas will once again point out the fact that still today, 69 million children do not have access to school  and that 759 million adults are illiterate.

The game can also be played online. When choosing one of the folded papers, information appears on the changes that may come about. One can become a visible friend to many invisible children: "Make yourself the visible friend and your help will become visible presents: education, nourishment and a better future".