“When they look at us in the eye, they know that we know”

To educate boys and girls is to give them tools for a life with dignity and to control their destiny. It means training people committed with the future of their country.

You also know this.

Entreculturas is an NGO, promoted by the Society of Jesus, working in the most impoverished areas of Latin America, Africa and Asia, with programmes that enable more than 1 million people to have a quality education.

With your help, we defend the Right to Education as a means of social change, justice and dialogue between cultures, because TO EDUCATE IS TO GIVE OPPORTUNITIES.

We need you to help us in our work for education. Due to the education we have received, we are not passive to poverty. We need your help to take quality education to where it does not easily reach.

Join Entreculturas so that millions of boys and girls may face their future with confidence. Click here (spanish)