A refugee boy with a JRS scholarship gets best marks in his school in Kampala


Landry´s story shows once again how access to education can change a person´s life. Four years ago when this young Congolese arrived to the suburb of Kirombe (Kampala) with his parents and eight brothers and sisters, he had very few possibilities of going to school: the family had no money to pay for his education.

After a year, they heard about the English lessons of the Jesuit Refugee Service and Landry started to attend. He was an outstanding student and by the end of the year he spoke fluent English.

"We were so inspired by his achievement and courage that we decided he should be the first student given a JRS scholarship to attend a regular primary school in Kampala. So Landry went to St Peter's school", explains JRS Kampala Urban Programme Director, Stephen Kutessa.

Now this boy has received the best marks of his school, fulfilling a promise he had made to himself. Encouraged by Landry´s success and determination, the JRS will continue to finance his education.
"Who knows, maybe the JRS has helped one of the best future scientists or business men of Uganda" adds Kutessa proudly. From Entreculturas, we want to congratulate Landry and the JRS Uganda for this great achievement.