The rainstorm Agatha leaves more than 150 dead in Guatemala

Fire and water have invaded Guatemala, leaving a total of 156 dead and 135.766 affected by evacuations and displacements. Likewise, the Ministry of Agriculture has reported crop losses in 200 municipalities mainly affecting wheat, frijol, tomato, potato, onion and other vegetables due to the floods.

Fe y Alegría has also suffered the consequences of this situation: some schools have been affected, whilst others have been used as shelters and food storage for the area. Classes have been interrupted in private and public schools and many teachers are participating in rescue works. " The Fe y Alegría staff is committed to solidarity and returning life to normal" writes Miquel Cortés, sj, Fe y Alegría Director for Guatemala.

Miquel Cortés sj also adds: "These are very difficult days for thousands of humble people, with very scarce resources, who have seen how the little they had was destroyed furiously by uncontrolled waters. Fire and water, two apparently antagonist elements, have come together to produce death and terror in thousands of families. Total numbers of economic losses are not yet available but are estimated to be high.

The FAO has warned on raises in food price as a consequence of crop destruction, cattle losses and the loss of roads and bridges for food transportation.

The storm mainly affected the departments of Chiquimula, Izabal, Sacatepéquez, Quetzaltenango, El Progreso, Quiché, Sololá, San Marcos, Totonican and Huehuetenango.

When they are still suffering the consequences of the Stan hurricane, that left thousands of dead In Central America, Guatemala fights again the consequences of nature. However, organizations report that the experience has improved organizing capacities of the communities, responding quicker to the tragedy.

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