New VOLPAs in Honduras, Perú and Venezuela

Aurora García Gómez
VOLPA in Honduras

My name is Aurora and although I am from Santander, I have been living in Valladolid. In fact, was there were I got in touch with Entreculturas trough the information at their website, I was convinced by its attitude and aims, and above all, as I am teacher, about how they deal with education issues. 

So great was my interest that I began the VOLPA (International Volunteer Course) training, something I really loved because of the emphasize on personal development and the importance of learning to share. I learnt things about myself, I learnt to watch the South in a different way, to look into myself and to understand why would I like to go abroad. 

Now it is true that only being VOLPA I could not feel myself totally as a part of Entrecultras and I wanted to be more involved, so I talked to the people in the delegation and I asked them to became a member of the team. They welcome me warmly and since then I have worked with them in sensibilization and mobilization issues. Now I really feel myself totally integrated as being in the delegation has allowed me to understand better how Entreculturas works. 

On April 26th I will be leaving to Honduras. This is my first long trip abroad that's why I am a little bit worried but also excited about this. I will spend two years there and, of course, I am little bit concerned as this is something new for me. But I have talked to the people who is there and knows about the country and it has been of very good help. I have no idea about what my job there will consist of. For the time being, I will try to adapt to the new circumstances, but in principle, I was told that I will work on the training of young people within the frame of ERIC project (Thinking, Researching and Communication Team), supported by Entreculturas. 

When I come back, although I am not very sure about what will be going on, I have planed to stay in Valladolid delegation .... I want to make my personal contribution with everything I learnt in Honduras.



José Luis Donat
VOLPA in Peru

My name is José Luis and at present I am volunteer in the Valencia delegation. I have asked for an unpaid leave at work  for a year and I will be spending that time in Peru.   I have already had three short experiences before in Cuba, Ecuador and Colombia, and I can say that after each trip you always feel like travelling again... so, as a result of this together with my interest in getting in touch with some NGO, I found Entreculturas. I contacted them and I really liked its vision, principles and how they work. 

I joined the course "Acercándonos al Sur" and I trained as VOLPA in Entreculturas. As a result of this, and together with my volunteer tasks in the delegation, I could get closer to the NGO daily activities. 

On April 15th  I will be leaving to Peru. What it is being harder for me it is maybe all this farewell matters .... Sometimes I feel like getting into the plane and leave all these behind so that I can better concentrate on this new phase of my life. 

As I was told, in Peru I will work with street kids, between 13 and 17 years and also with psychic handicap persons, I'll work on scholar support, leisure and free time, workshops, etc. All these things with Fe y Alegria, the local partner of Entreculturas in the country. I really fancy this trip because I love children and also I work in Spain with disabled persons. 

I really believe it is going to be a great experience for me. I hope that my return to Spain is not so hard as last times... because its hard to be back into our normal life, with all its privileges. But for sure it is worth.



Mariana del Moral
VOLPA in Venezuela

My name is Mariana and I live in Madrid. I knew about Entreculturas in internet, as I was looking for information about NGOs working in development projects. That's how I found out the volunteers training programmes and I decided to join the VOLPA programme. 

I found really great the preparation. I think that it is a very good training that helps you in self-knowledge, to discover the real reason to travel to the South, and also the human relation both between the teachers and between the people who joined the program is of a very high quality. I was really convinced by the mission and I definitely encourage myself to live an experience in the South. 

In principle, I will be leaving to Venezuela for one year, although it is possible I will extend it two years. It is a social promotion and community participation project based in the Caíñas indigenous community. It consists of a needs identification, local leaders promotion, dynamize and leisure time for boys and girls and finally a specific work with women. Which I really found interesting.  

It is very common to be a little bit afraid in this situation, above all now with all farewells, but I think that when I  arrived there I will be really motivated. I am really fancy on arriving there, to see how it is everything there, how am I in that new reality.... I really fancy going!!