New secondary classrooms for 300 Burundi youth

For the last 12 years ,Tenga was the scenery of heavy fighting between the rebels and the national army in the Burundi war, (1993-2005). The great losers were the inhabitants of the region who saw their properties looted and destroyed by both sides. Until last month, there was not a school in the area.

Entreculturas, together with the Missionaries of Africa, (White Fathers) as local partners, has financed the construction and equipment of four secondary classrooms for 300 students of the area who have already started lessons. Because of its  severe poverty, Burundi cannot afford to build schools; the country is therefore grateful to all organizations capable of doing so, thus enabling the youth access to the country´s development and progress.

It is therefore a way to bringing hope to the youth, offering them a quality education that may open doors for them to pursue further studies.
Without a good quality education, progress is not possible. The schools are subsidized by the  government, that provides teacher salaries and academic follow up. The Church, in dialogue with the government, has the responsibility for the moral education.
Thanks to many other collaborations, what was a former death scenery is now bubbling with life. A new Church has been built, six primary classrooms, four secondary classrooms with a director´s room, two adult literacy classrooms and meetings, a  sacristy- parochial room, a carpentry, a hostel and a security guard. Another six primary classrooms are expected to be built in addition to a Health Centre with a hostel for staff.