A hundred steps to equality

We want to pay homage to this effort this month, since it is an issue that in Entreculturas we consider essential and which inspires, growingly, a good part of our work. So much so, that this year we have decided to issue a document of Gender Policies.

In the march edition of our magazine, we report on Entreculturas´ work in the municipality of Ixcán, in the North of Guatemala, where we have been promoting, over the past four years,  the defense and empowerment of native women in the area. In Guatemala, aggressions against women increase in quantity and cruelty each year, and are a cause of alarm and study by international organizations of human rights.

On the other hand, in Casablanca, Morocco, Entreculturas works with the Jesuit Refugee Service to assist and improve the situation of migrant Sub Saharan women, an extremely vulnerable group if we realize that, given the difficulties to reach Europe, their stay in this transit country continues for years, with no resources and illegally. In this context they run the risk of exploitation by the mafias, even more so if they need to feed their children.

Inequality is a global issue, that deserves urgent attention both in underprivileged countries as in the supposedly more developed ones. The City Planet Campaign, focused this year on the gender issue, shows Entreculturas´ concern to approach inequality from the base, that is to say from the children´s education. The Global Week for education will also promote in the month of April, activities worldwide to demand equal access to literacy for girls and women.