Fundación Mutua Madrileña award a subsidy to Entreculturas to improve education in Darfur

At the end of January the Fundación Mutua Madrileña published the results of the I annual call for Social Action Project Aids. Through this Aid Fundación Mutua Madrileña has awarded 18 projects with 500,000 euros. These projects will be developed by non-profit organizations that seek to improve the socioeconomic reality and the quality of life of disadvantaged groups from all over the world.



The 18 projects, selected out of 710, are part of five categories set out in the call: Support for people with disability, initiatives to ensure the equality of women, child assistance, integration of social groups at risk of social exclusion and development cooperation. The first four initiatives will develop in Spain and the last one abroad. 100.000 euros have been earmarked to each one of these activities.

The Project of Entreculturas, listed in the category "Child assistance", has been awarded with 40.000€. The work, developed along with the Jesuit Refugee Service, will consist in ensuring practical access and continued attendance to school of 400 children between 6 and 12 years old who live at the displaced camps in Abbasi and Mellit, in Darfur (Southern Sudan), being strengthened the forma primary level of education.



The evaluation of the projects has taken into account the improvement potential of the needs of those who will benefit from the project, the technical, financial and management viability of the project and their changes of long term continuity. All of the NGO´S needed to have the audited accounts and in the evaluation has been taken into account if they have been analyzed by Fundación Lealtad.