Fe y Alegría at the VI UNESCO Meeting for collective consultation of NGO on Education for all


© UNESCO/Michel Ravassard


In 2000, the international community undertook to achieve free compulsory primary education for all children before 2015; to expand holistic education in early childhood; to meet youth and adults ‘need; reduce by 50 % the illiterate adult population and to eliminate the gender issue. And to achieve all this, there was a need for improving qualitative aspects of education. These goals are so called objectives Education for All.

At the end of October representatives of regional, national and international organizations met with responsible of Education for All at UNESCO headquarters. They reported that while these years some progress have been made (essentially related to the access to primary education), a slow progress, which started 12 years ago towards the achievement of the goals of Education for All, is now stuck; and in some countries there are important recessions.

The Executive Coordinator of Public Action Program of international federation of Fe y Alegría (Faith and Happiness) Lucía Rodríguez Donat integrated - along with delegations of other regional and national networks- the participants of the Latin American region in the debates. The organizations gathered in Paris made proposals on how to focus and enhance the efforts until 2015 and on how to help identify international action in terms of education after that year.

"There is a need to intensify complaining and to put under pressure the governments of organization such as Fe y Alegría (Faith and Happiness) so that responsible politician fulfill their responsibilities in terms of the right for education for all. States must deliver on their commitments to increase, among other things, education investments, making respective changes in tax policies and to improve school management" said Lucía.

Following this call, an ample array of civil society at global meeting about Education for All will also be expected. This meeting will be hold at UNESCO headquarters from September 21-21th where these orientations will continue to play a valuable role as a promoter of the right for Education for All.