Evaluating quality education

Fe y Alegría, a Popular Education Movement in Latin America, has currently more than 1.200.000 children in school. The analysis has been carried out by questionnaires distributed among pedagogic and directive school teams and among community members (since they believe that education should go beyond school walls and extend to families and the rest of social areas common to the students).

It is estimated that more than 24.000 students, 13.600 teachers and 12.300 families in addition to 3.000 community leaders have participated. The study, the first to be so extensive, has focused on four issues: the context by which the socio economic location should be defined and taken into account when interpreting results; the school personal and material resources; the management, teaching and learning processes, the citizenship building, the encouragement of relationship between school and community and finally the results of the education system both in academic terms as well as in attitudes and values.

The evaluation is part of the Quality Education Programme carried out by the International Fe y Alegría Federation. This is a clear example of Entreculturas´ engagement with quality, not only in the identification of needs in the school so as to answer adequately, but also in order to evaluate the impact of our education programmes.