Entreculturas contributes to equip Fe y Alegría school in the Ongay district, Argentina

Thanks to the support of Fundación de Cooperación y Ciudadanía de Castilla y León, 3 new classrooms for primary education will be built. Furthermore, the project considers the creation of a computers classroom in order to help the inclusion of boys and girls into New Technologies field.


On the other hand, thanks to Entreculturas, Alboan, Fundación Roviralta and Fundacion Cajamar collaboration, this school will also have a fully equipped library to go on with the duty that from Fe y Alegría Argentina have been developing for many years: implementation of the Programme "Understanding Reading and Cognitive Skills", for which it is essential that teachers and students have access to reading resources according to this proposal.

"Through books, head, heart and hands are educated". Father Jose María Vélaz - Fe y Alegría founder, used to say. That's the reason why reading areas and resources are so important in our educational centres.

Finally, Education for Work is also another of our priorities. At present, and within the frame of the "Comprehensive Education and Social promotion for Fe y Alegría 4.660 children, young people, and adults" project, funded by INDITEX, two areas for the running of the IPROF Educative Centre's Vocational School Centre will be build. There, metalwork and hairdressing training among other workshops will carry on.