Entreculturas appears in the Senate before the Commission for International Cooperation



"We are today at an important moment. It is also particularly sensitive for the cooperation which must be helped by our efforts and proposals in regards to sustaining the solidarity. From its desire to contribute to improvements and to strengthening the overall framework of cooperation, we want to share with you some thoughts we have from our experience of working in Entreculturas," Luis Arancibia explained.

"I am going to focus on five aspects. There are several general issues and several concrete issues. I will first deal with thoughts about the importance and the situation of cooperation policies at this point. Second, we will focus on the importance of education within cooperation and afterwards I will address three more specific aspects: Framework for collaboration between administrations and NGO´s, especially the agreements such as education for development and international volunteering.

This appearance can be instructive in a work of advocacy that we have been carrying out in Entreculturas and which is based on our report "La Ayuda en Educación a Examen" (Help for education examined).

Our objective is transferring specific messages, especially to influence the future Plan Director of the Spanish corporation. In addition, to consolidate more communication at the political level.