Ecuador´s Ministry of Education makes effective the Agreement signed with Fe y Alegría

Funds supplied by the executive will be used to pay four months' salary for 754 teachers but it means much more. This is the confirmation that Fe y Alegría Ecuador is supported by the Ministry of Education which has always been a strategic objective for this key Entreculturas partner in Latin America.

From now, according to Fe y Alegría Ecuador Director, Joseba Lazcano, “new phases are yet to come”. Next May, the new Education Law will be implemented in which teachers will have to work 8 hours daily. Currently, teachers are “hired” but when they submit their evaluation exams they will be “authorized” and will receive payment directly from the State.

In addition, according to the Agreement which has just been made effective, the state will pay Fe y Alegría schools an enrolment bonus of 25 dollars per student for school running costs.

At Entreculturas, we congratulate our Ecuador Fe y Alegría colleagues for this good news which means a great improvement for hundreds of teachers who work in the country for a quality education.